Monday, June 14, 2010

~ Crumpled Daisy Tutorial ~

I was playing around with some of my dies yesterday and came up with this scrunchy flower lol. Not sure if it's been done before, but I figured I will show you how I did it anyway. I used two of them on this layout I did of myself. I used items from the June Swirlydoos kit and I got the beautiful butterfly from StarSailorScrapper. She always puts together these amazing butterflies for the kits. The die I have is an accucut die and the flowers are about 4 inches across. It really doesn't matter what size you use for these and I am sure that similar dies have been made by various companies. You will need a spray bottle with water and some mist spray of your choice.
NOTE: You don't need a die with a hole in the middle.
I always spray the backside of my flower with water to get it pretty wet, but not too wet that it wants to tear apart. Just do one flower at a time.
Next just start scrunching up each petal as shown. Then repeat this step and the last step for the remaining flowers.
This is pretty much what they should look like. You can make them more scrunched if you want. It just depends on how you want the ending result to look.
Begin layering each flower on top of one another. Mine were still damp when I did this. If you don't have a hole it's nice, because you can use a brad to connect each flower once they are all stacked. Since I had a hole I used some glossy accents to glue them together.
Now I sprayed a few shots of my smooch spritz over the top. Don't move around the layers, just spray over the top.
Next I chose a flower center. The bigger the flower, the bigger the center you will want. Then once my center is in I start moving around and scrunching up my petals to reveal the original color. You don't have to spray yours, it's just something I chose to do.
So that's it. This is my finished flower. They are really easy and pretty. Any questions, feel free to ask.


  1. Thanks for sharing these easy and beautiful embellies

  2. This looks like a fun one to try!

  3. OMG! Thanks so much for sharing Mandy! These are gorgeous!!

  4. Love the flowers thanks for always sharing!
    Come visit me you are one of my winners!
    Hugz, Z

  5. Hi Mandy!
    I am giving you a blog award! Please drop by my blog and pic it up and then pass it on to 10 other bloggers! Enjoy!

  6. cool flowers...hopefully somebody I'll be doing girly layouts again and I can try this!

  7. it looks so easy and turns out so awesome can't wait to try it!!!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! I'm loving your site and your style!



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