Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rockstar Flowers

Hey Hey I wanna be a RockStar!! In the mood for a little oragami anyone? Check out this super awesome Rockstar Flower I made on my Rock & Roll layout. It looks hard, but my 12 year old daughter made one by herself and she said it was easy. It just might be a tad bit time consuming, but look how darn cool it is!! I set up a tutorial below with pictures to walk you through the steps. I used thin pattern paper, because there is a lot of folding on each piece. The good news is all of the pieces fold exactly the same. To start take a 12x12 piece of pattern paper (does not have to be double sided). Cut the paper into 12 pieces of 3x3" squares.
Now each box below shows you the exact steps you take to achieve a petal. I tried making the pics easy to follow. Now your folds do not have to be perfect but the nicer you fold the better the outcome.
1) The first step is just folding all the corners into the center as shown.
2) The next step, flip over the square so that you do not see the folds, then bend back the edges on each side as shown.
3) Fold up the bottom triangle up as shown.
4) Fold the petal straight down the middle as shown. Make sure you fold the right way.
Do this with all 12 pieces of 3x3" squares. You can always ink or decorate the petals or you can wait until the flower is put together.
Here is how you began to put together your flower. I had my daughter Rylee help me demonstrate so that I could take pictures. See how there are slats on the one side of the petal and points on the other. Take the points of one petal and slide them into the slats on each side. Continue to do this with each petal. It will curve naturally by itself.
You should end up with the following. When you get to the 12th petal you will need to tie it in with the first so that it completes your circle. You will have a hole in the center of your flower as shown.
I threw this RockStar flower together just for the tutorial, but you can decorate the center however you like. My daughter made a tissue rose for the middle of hers and on my above layout you can see that I cut circles to cover the whole and put the skull and cross bones on the top. This one here I just covered with a 3" flower, red star, and a black button.
Just have fun and make it your own!! Thanks a ton for visiting my blog!! For other tutorials, always look to the right of my blog for quick links!!


  1. That is so awesome! I hope you know that I'm stealing this and using on my next layout! ♥ it!!!

  2. I'm so doing this...too bad my next layout is on THICK cardstock... thank you for the show and tell

  3. Awesome. Am coming ack tomorrow to really study this concept! Thanks for always contributing new techniques!



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