Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~*~ Mixed Media Layout ~*~

What is mixed media art... Well here is the definition of that; in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed. In other words it's a lot of different things that normally you wouldn't throw together on the same piece of art. I'm SO loving that. For example if you take a canvas and apply inks, paints, and collage style art. It's such an awesome way to express yourself without boundaries!! This layout was done on 12x12 sheet of acrylic. I have never worked with an entire sheet of acrylic before and I made such a crazy mess and can't wait to do it again!! As a whole here is a quick description:

I call this layout "Spirit". Brooklyn's spirit just shines through this photograph and practically leaps out of it. I just love this photo. Here is what I used to create this page:

12x12 Sheet of Acrylic
Assorted Color of Tim Holtz Alchohol Inks (Pinks, Blues, Greens)
Silver Metallic Tim Holtz alcohol ink
Assorted Colors of Tim Holtz Ink Reinkers (Blues, Purples)
Blue Mesh Material
Black Acrylic Paint
Sewing Machine
Wire Mesh
Black Pink Paislee Pixie Stix Sparkles
To get this affect on my acrylic sheet I splattered drops of my non metallic alcohol inks. Then I used my can of air to spread all the inks all over the areas of the sheet I wanted it. The nice thing about alcohol inks is they dry quickly. After that I took my Ranger blending tool and dropped some silver metallic alcohol ink on that. Then I daubed it all over my page (I actually used this on my photo as well before I placed it on my page). I smeared a little hear and there as well.
After I inked I layed down my blue mesh and used a large dry brush to smear and coat it with black acrylic ink. Some of my mesh is raised and some lays flat. The two together make an awesome textured look. The two following pictures show what the mesh looks like up close. I also added a bit more silver alcohol ink to the top of my mesh next to the photo.
Next I played with some yellow flowers I got at a local craft store. I soaked them in reinker ink and cover them in black sparkles. This was a bit messy but they look so cool. It took a little while for these puppies to dry but when they did I placed them sporadically on my pages. The butterfly mesh was actually left over from a diecut I used on another layout. Why waste right.?

That is pretty much it for my mixed media layout. I did do some stitching to the top with my sewing machine for added flare.

Monday, October 19, 2009

~ Never Enough Bling ~

When in doubt, bling it out!! Sunday I made a vow to not get on the computer for the entire day, so I cleaned some of my house, watched some tv, played with my kids and worked on a couple of layouts. Both of the layouts I was working on were at this point of "now what". I mean they were both pretty, but they were both missing something in my eyes. So like I said, when in doubt, bling it out!! And so it began.... out came the wire, the beads, the stickles, the rhinestone flowers and imagination.
This first layout was done with some beautiful Websters Pages paper. I cut the butterflies and the little well off on one piece of pattern paper and applied it to this page. I used stickles to enhance the butterflies. I also wanted to bling up my floral spray so I alcohol inked some beads and made some page jewellery. Look how awesome the dark blue and gold look together. I also stickled on parts of my flowers.
I love this page. The paper came from a royalty free photo off the internet that I blew up to a 12x12 size and printed it out. All the blue is a gorgeous pearlized paper that has a metallic look to it. So anyway I had this done and ended up with some vines and a big blue circle. Boring! I had to break out the bling... Let's start with the Prima berry spray that I cut up into pieces and wound around bits of my floral spray, then I had these gorgeous rhinestone flowers in different sizes and colors that I stuck all around the circle, above and on the photo, and at the end of my ribbon. By the way that little fairy is a Harlee Quinnz stamp that can be found at their online store.
Let's not forget this awesome butterfly. I LOVE this butterfly and pretty soon it will be made available to purchase in one of Katies Kreations 4 U 's Etsy kits.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

~Creating a Fairy Land~

I like drawing, but I am not the best at it. However, I still like to sit down with my kids and draw pictures. The other night I drew this scene of a fairy forest and had to make some 12x12 paper out of it. I added sparkles in the branches and bushes for added details as well. I really didn't add a lot of embellishments to the page except for my butterfly page jewellery and some Tim Holtz grungeboard flowers. I think it turned out so sweet with this photo I took of Brooky. She makes the cutest little fairy with or without wings. The paper and the butterfly can be found at my Etsy. TFL!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Newest Harlee Quinnz Layout

I wanted to make a fall layout with this gorgeous Harlee Quinnz Butterfly Garden paper. I think this one turned out pretty well considering the photo has spring colors. I did quilling for the vine and I must admit I got the idea from Gabi P, a designer from My Creative Scrapbook. The flowers I used for the vine are sold in a kit at my Etsy shop. I did the tulip myself out of HQ papers. The green cardstock is all grunged up using an exacto blade and running it from side to side across the paper. (Don't slice through it, but go side to side with the blade). I made transparencies out of the HQ stamps and also used HQ trim to tie around my tulip.

This layout is currently out for publication!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some More Etsy Stock

Last night I was thinking while laying in bed. Trying to rack my brain on some cute page jewellery ideas. Well I came up with bead strands that were bendable, so you could shape them however you would like on your pages. I also thought of a crystal butterfly from these chandeliere beads that I had. Ok so they aren't real crystals, but they sure look neat. Check out what I made to sell on my Etsy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My ETSY is Officialy OPEN!!

Ok so I decided I needed to open an Etsy, so I did and I added some super pretty fall items along with some page jewellery as well. I just love fall, so I couldn't resist putting together floral kits and vines!! YUMMY!! Stop my My Etsy here!!


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