Saturday, February 26, 2011

~Lazy Day~

Oh My Gosh, I'm having such a lazy day. Brooky and I are sitting here watching Wonder Pets. Yes, I said Wonder Pets. I can sing the theme song and everything. The funny thing is it's an episode where they are in Oregon and of course they mispronounced it. It isn't pronounced Orygone. It's pronounced Origun! :) (I'm from Oregon by the way, in case you didn't know that) Anyway, since I was bored I decided to grab my laptop and make a sketch. Here it is :)

So back to Wonder Pets... They are in Oregon, like I said, and they are saving an owl with the help of fireflies??!!! I have NEVER in my ENTIRE life seen a firefly in Oregon. What's up with that? Wonder Pets needs to do a little bit more research before making their shows. With that said, I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!! Don't forget to bless someone today!! :)


  1. Beautiful Mandi!! I will be using this one!!

  2. That's a kicka** sketch! I may use this on the new kit! Love that punched out circle paper look. I have some ideas now!
    No fireflies in Origun???? That's just sad...



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