Tuesday, April 24, 2012

~Donna Salazar Botanique Collection~

Hi all, Mandy here!!  I'm back to show you some of the totally gorgeous Botanique papers along with Donna's yummy bling as well.  Plus I added in a quick how to on making a  starburst background out of triangles.  So here we go!!
 You will need to make a triangle template about 3.5 inches wide at the base and 4.5 inches tall in the center.  
 Now trace your triangle template as show below.  You will need 9 triangles to make the one I did.  Don't worry if your edges have pen marks because we will be distressing and inking them.
 Distress your edges :)
 Time to ink!!  I used the color Denim for my edges.
 Arrange them on the page in the spot you want.  I let mine hang over and then trimmed them down after I glued them.  After this you can choose to layer circles over the top or place a photo.  It's up to you!! 
 Here are a few close ups of the final layout!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Below is a list of the products I used to create this page!!


  1. Love the papers and layout. Great job

  2. gorgeous... love the triangle tut! thank you and great supply list. awesome photo.. love the colors. TFS. Monica

  3. always lots to love when I come by here!

  4. Beautiful paper! love the tutorial! Awesome layout TFS



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