Friday, August 24, 2012

~Donna Salazar Designs~

Hi Everybody!!  It's Mandy!!  This month I am making a layout for the amazing Natasha Naranjo Aguirre and she asked that we all scrap a photo of ourselves.  So along with the layout I also did a tutorial on stamping color into modeling paste using Donna's stamps!!  So here we go!!
To create the textured background you will need:
1) Modeling or Molding Paste
2) Spatula Tool (Hint: You can use a Cricut spatula)
3) Mix'd Media Inx Color of Your Choice (I used Denim)
4) Smooch Spritz Color of Your Choice (I used Green Olive)
5) Stampers Anonymous Stamp (I used Crackle)
First take your spatula and smooth out a thin, not super thin, layer of modeling paste.  Some areas can be thicker than others and it doesn't have to be perfectly smooth.   Let dry half way!  (You can use a heat gun on low to speed things along)
Second color your Stamp with Mix'd Media Inx - You can get creative by using multiple colors!
Stamp into the Modeling Paste!!
Here is mine after stamping.  I had some Wisteria ink left on my stamp from a practice run!!
Now you can choose to spray a little more color over the top if you would like!! The Smooch Spritz will stay on top and settle darker into the cracks!  Now you can use your heat gun to dry it or let it sit.  Then repeat in other areas if like! 
Some Close Up Shots!

Thanks for stopping by!! Below you will find a list of links of the products that I used to create this layout!

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  1. Beautiful layout and photo of you Mandy! I love your flowers and that stamped paste!



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