Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Storybook Time - Donna Salazar Designs~

Hi All!!  It's Mandy :)  I have always been a huge fan of fairies and magical things and I am super lucky to have four daughters, because I get to scrap fluffy pages!!  Fluffy meaning girlie!!  

For this layout I created a fun cloudy background that is super easy to do and it adds some really yummy texture to your projects.
1) Cheesecloth or gauze (cheesecloth is usually much cheaper to buy)
2) Mix'd Media Inx Reinker - Jasmine
3) Fairy Dusty Glitter - Mixed Berries
 Take your cheesecloth and play with it by pulling it here and there so you have some lose ends.  This way it doesn't look too perfect and the edges aren't blunt.  Use a bit of your favorite adhesive to help hold the cloth in place so you can paint on it.
 Now take your Jasmine Reinker and squirt some out onto your cloth and use a paint brush or finger to smudge it around.
 Now sprinkle your cloth with Fairy Dust Glitter and it will stick to the gooey spots.  You're all done :)
 Here are some more close ups of my "Dream a Little Dream" page!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Below is a list of the materials that I used for this layout!!



  1. Hi.. this is pure magic! really enchanting and gorgeously scrapped!

  2. This layout is gorgeous! I love the texture, color, and that cheese cloth looks amazing on there. TFS!

  3. Mandy: You inspire me so much, if only I had a tiny bit of your talent!



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