Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Make Your Own Transparency

Lately I have noticed a lot of neat transparencies that people have bought or have made. I decided to figure out a way to make some of my own. The transparency on this page is partially hidden behind the flowers. I just wanted a little something extra and I think it turned out pretty good. It resembles a stamp. I have also heard that you can buy a certain type of transparency sheet that is printable in your inkjets and I will soon go looking for those. Below you will find a super easy tutorial on how you can make these. Basically all you need is a clear transparent sheet (mine is a thin sheet of acrylic), some Sharpie markers (fine and medium tips), and whatever it is you would like to trace.
I then just place the transparent sheet over the design (feel free to secure the item with tape to help keep it from moving). The medium tip Sharpie actually goes on much thicker and darker, but the fine tip can be used for the tiny lines. I just went over it like the flowers were not even there, so that my vines just continued on their natural path.
The end result is this pretty, but not perfect lol, flourish that you can use to jazz up your layouts. Just cut it out close to the lines, but you don't have to get in to the really hard little areas. That is the nice thing about a transparency... it's hard to see the clear parts.

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