Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tear Chickie!

Hellooooo!! (Had that Mrs. Doubtfire hello in mind). Well let me see, it's been 6 days since my last post. I was wanting to do a tear bear tutorial, but I got to thinking that you need extra tools for that and this little chickie is so cute. Besides, it's always best to start with the basics then work up to the bigger stuff. I will mention that ebay has some great sellers who sell tear bear kits which include some mulberry paper and a fluffing brush. Some people use a hard bristle tooth brush as well. Ok as for the chickie.... Here is what you need.

I use a thick mulberry paper in light yellow that you can find on ebay the easiest. I then picked a bright orange, but you can use a peach too. The pen is a very fine tip Zig which I love using. I highly recommend getting the pack of these Zigs with all the different tip sizes.
On the back side of the mulberry paper draw what you see below. The head is always bigger than the body for these chickies. Don't worry about your lines.. just freehand it. We are hand tearing these out anyway and perfection isn't necessary.
Now you can choose to wet down the lines using a q-tip and water if you would like. This will make it easier to tear but you need to wait until they dry before using any adhesive on them. I just dry tore these.
Here is the pieces laying around. I originally made my wings way to big as you can see in this photo, so I tore some more of them off to make them look more proportioned to my chickie.
Now here comes some artistry. Please don't panic. Draw a beak and some legs. I totally just doodled these and they are nothing near to perfect. After you draw them cut them out. I like the lines showing on my chicks because it makes them look more cartoon like. However, you can turn around the legs and beak and hide the lines.
Here are a couple of finished chickies. I glued all the pieces together as shown with the head on top of the body not behind it. The wings then adhere to the front of the body and I usually cross them in case I want my chickie holding a flower or something. I just used my zig to dot a couple of eyes. So easy!! The one on the left is the little one I just did and the one on the right is one a friend did for her first time too. They look like a little couple don't they?
Well I hope you like the tear chickies. They look kind of silly, but on a layout they really dress it up a lot. I love these little guys on Easter layouts. In my country boy layout below in this blog, you can see two examples of chickies on that. I will do a tear bear in the near future, but I want to give people a little time to check out the ebay items for sale as far as tools go that you will want and need.

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