Wednesday, December 9, 2009

12 Days of Distressing!!

I was planning on actually starting this on the 1st, then I got caught up in this really fun 12 Days of Christmas challenge over at and forgot all about this. Well the funny thing is yesterday was day 8 and our challenge was to distress our layout at least 3 different ways and the person who distressed the most wins extra points. Well that day inspired me to start a 12 Days of Distressing on my blog even though it's late!! So tomorrow on the 10th, I will post my 1st form of distressing. Some of my entries will already be things that you may know, but I will try to get a little creative and show some different techniques for distressing your pages. Oh and by the way, here is my entry for Day 8 of the challenge. This is a pic of my daughter Tyler when she was 1 1/2. I distressed almost every part of this layout. I will be going over a lot of the techniques you see on this layout. Can you see the cute kitty in the background? That was our Persian cat named Tequila. We got her from an older lady that had a large amount of cats and needed to get rid of some. The funny thing is they were all named after some form of alcoholic beverage. My sister took a white cat named Chardonnay.

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