Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 7 of 12 Days of Distressing - Trim Distressing

Day 7 Ribbon, Fiber, & Trim Distressing - I wanted to have this the day after staining because they pretty much go hand in hand. However, I didn't want to post them the same day, because this is a step beyond actually staining. Adding texture to your layouts is very common, but I notice that it seems to get left out on distressed layouts because unless you mess it up a bit it looks to clean. On the canvas layout I did below I used a couple of different ribbons and actual chain. I distressed all threse items in some way. The black ribbon I took some scissors and cut off a fine strip off the edge of the whole ribbon and frayed up the sides just a little. On the larger red ribbon I used my blending tool with some dark ink and ran it over the ribbon a couple of times. Then I cut the ribbon and frayed the ends to give it a torn apart look. As for the chain, that was easy, I just broke the link :).
Basically any ribbon, trim, or fiber can be distressed. Twine is really easy to fray up by lightly running it back and forth over some blades. Yarn can be unraveled and ribbon frayed. Lace can be torn and shredded. Just have fun with it.

The last couple of posts have some great examples of distressing trim as well.

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