Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 3 of 12 Days of Distressing - Sanding

Day 3 Sanding or Filing - Again I am using layouts I have featured on here in the past, but I want to show you the best examples that I have. Sanding is a great way to get that worn out look in your paper or embellishments. This first one I did for Harlee Quinnz Designs and I decided to make my own flower embellishments using their paper. I cut some flower shapes out with my diecutter in both chipboard and pattern paper. I glued the pattern paper to the chipboard and then took my sanding tool and began going over the hole flower sanding heavier on the edges. It whitened the edges and gave them a really great worn out and distressed look. This particular layout is done using some embossed stickers and a sanding tool. I placed my pattern paper on top of the stickers I wanted to use and sanded on the pattern paper. The sticker images will start to come through the paper. See along the edges and the corners of this layout. That was all done using this particular technique.
One more quick and awesome way to sand is by crinkling up the paper you want to use into a wad. Then flatten it out again and take a sander to it. The wrinkles will turn white in color. You can ink it for added color or leave it plain. I chose to just ink around the edges of the blue circle below. This layout has around 11 techniques of distressing on it, so you will most likely be seeing it again in future how to's :).
I will tend to use a generic brand block sander or sand paper that I steal from my husband's shop :). I have come across this one from Tim Holtz in the scrapbook store as well.

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  1. I like the embossed stickers technique. I would never have thought of that. I have tried crinkling up the paper and it does work great. Thanks again and love the tips!



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