Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 5 of 12 Days of Distressing - Bleaching

Day 5 Bleaching - This could be a bit damaging, so I recommend being extra careful while using bleach not only for what you are bleaching, but for your clothes and things around you. However, with that said, it looks AWESOME!!! I don't like keeping bleach around my desk so I literally take my project with me to my laundry room when I want to bleach something. In this layout below I used some plain dark green cardstock. I tried sticking to the left side for the bleach. Now you can do a splatter look or a rub look. For this layout I wanted a rubbed look and so I used an old rag and put a small amount of bleach on that then wiped a couple of areas and the edge that I wanted bleached. To do a splatter you can use a dropper or something to that effect to drip and splatter onto your paper.
I even used bleach on the picture of this layout, but it a much different way. I will touch on photo distressing in a few days, so check back for the how to's on distressing your photo!!


  1. Very cool technique! It looks amazing!

  2. Love this technique, I've yet to try it though. I really like this page.



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