Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 11 of 12 Days of Distressing - Paints & More

Day 11 Paints and More - I might be pushing towards a little mixed media here but you can really do some amazing distressed layouts by mixing things such as paints, glitter glue, etc. There is no real directions to do this except for experiment with it. Again don't try to be perfect, but slop it on and put your fingers into it. This first layout was done using inks and acrylic paints all over it. I used a clear acrylic background and started with alcohol inks and went from there.
This layout has some blue crackle paint in the corners just for that extra something. Also around the journaling I smeared some golden dristress stickles. After inking the edges the stickles really brought it out that much more.
These types of accents are really just for those finishing touches. If you are stairing at a layout forever and not sure what it needs, try adding some shimmer or paint. On my layout called Bug I finished it and then thought there was something it needed. Instead of adding more embellishments, I just used some Shimmerz brand iridescent paint and painted it on the exposed background paper. I didn't do a ton of distressing on this layout, but I thought it was a good example.

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  1. I never think to use paint on my pages, thanks for reminding me.



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