Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~What's in my Purse~

The Bo Bunny blog has a "what's in your purse" challenge going right now and I thought that was such a fun idea, I decided to play along.  I decided to use papers and embellishments from the Gabrielle line.  Gorgeous papers by the way, inspired by an amazing artist Gabrielle Pollacco who is a DT for Bo Bunny.  I also used the bracket frame that Bo Bunny did several years back.  So here is my entry for the challenge.

I own a Coach purse that I have had for quite a long time now.  I use it to stuff everything into, but luckily when I dumped it out on the floor I only had the basics in it.  Normally I have a pair of Brooklyn's socks that she removed in the car, gum wrappers, or wadded up receipts from the grocery store.   

Here is a close up of the contents.  My iPad, old Dooney wallet, Wisp toothbrushes ( I love those things), kleenex, Carmex, make-up bag, Aleve bottle that probably has Tylenol in it, a few dollars floating inside, lip gloss, keys, hand sanitizer and my hair scissors.  I have a habit of cutting my split ends one by one if I am sitting and waiting in the car for one of my kids or hubby.  I know, it's weird, but it passes the time and it's therapeutic lol.
Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!!!


  1. I think that is so funny that you cut your split ends in between errands...now that is quirky. You have to share that at SOD. Too bad you didn't have Brooky's socks in this haul.

  2. I love this layout :) it fun :) and NICE PURSE :)

  3. Really gorgeous! I need to get my hands on some new BoBunny pp!



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